Liam Neeson's Cock

Jul 25

“LNCISB, he got stuck to the ceiling when he tried to ‘puppydog’ after a shower.”

“Liam Neeson’s cock is so big that they’re using the circumference and diameter to find the last digit of pi.”

“LNCISB….It passed a kidney stone while climbing Mt. Everest and added a new summit to the top.” — Ralph’s Uber Driver.

Jul 24

“Liam Neeson’s cock is so big when Jennifer Lopez saw it she tried to blow it up.” — JLPJ rgc tx

“LNCISB, the last time he came in Italy, Pompeii ceased to exist.”

“LNCISB…There are plans to convert the Hoover Dam into a sperm bank for it.”

“LNCISB…When Liam first heard about the Tower of Terror ride at Disney Land he sued for copyright infringement because that was the name his urologist gave his urethra when he tripped and fell in it.” — Ralph’s Happy Ending Massage Therapist.

“LNCiSB when it was an orphan in a Dickensian workhouse, Mr Bumble gave it more.”

“LNCiSB that by the time the workmen are finished painting it with lube they need to start again at the other end.”

“LNCISB, he is not allowed to attent an HB-O recording until after the shout-out theme.”

“Liam Neeson’s cock is so big Liam hangs wet clothes on it to air dry.” — JLPJ rgc tx

“Liam Neeson’s cock is so big…….. It makes Ludo sad!” — Dusty

“Axel Foley put it in the back of a tail pipe of a police car….. after he used it to wreck the buffet at the harrow Club in the morning” — Beverly Hill Cop

“Liam Neeson’s cock is SO big…Batman has a contingency plan in case it ever goes rogue” — Phil Free

“LNCISB, Godzilla mistook it for his tail” — Chris bell, killam ab, canada