Liam Neeson's Cock

Jul 24

“Liam Neeson’s cock is so big…….. It makes Ludo sad!” — Dusty

“Axel Foley put it in the back of a tail pipe of a police car….. after he used it to wreck the buffet at the harrow Club in the morning” — Beverly Hill Cop

“Liam Neeson’s cock is SO big…Batman has a contingency plan in case it ever goes rogue” — Phil Free

“LNCISB, Godzilla mistook it for his tail” — Chris bell, killam ab, canada

“LNCISB it was it that framed Roger Rabbit.”

“LNCISB, it gives pleasure in more combinations than your local Chinese restaurant.”

“LNCISB weird al made an album about fucking it, called ‘Mandatory Pain’” — Chris Bell, killam ab, Canada

“LNCISB it graduated a year ahead of Liam.” — Steve

“Liam has a very particular set of skills… also, his cock is so big that when Liam was asked to join the “Superfriends,” Apache Chief was summarily voted off the team.” — Justin Alley

Jul 23

“Lncisb that hollywood babble on came to an unfortunate end when an over exuberant guest star liam heard the shout outs theme song” — Tyson in Minnesota

“LNCISB it’s already been at comic-con for 2 weeks.”

“LNCISB that, like his Lego Movie character, the head of it rotates two reveal different faces, one side is good cock, the other has not been discovered yet.”

“Liam Neeson’s cock is so big it will be the main villain in Batman v Superman.” —  - JLPJ rgc tx

“LNCISB Sand people ride single file on it, to hide their numbers”

“(Read in Sean Connery voice) when he’s done taking a piss he doesn’t shake, he stirs.”