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It’s so big that after it is attached to Ralph Garman’s balls, it forms Voltron
When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object is when Liam Neeson’s cock encounters Idris Elba’s cock.
Liam neesons cock is so big that Jesus might be able to hold the “whole world in his hands” but Liam’s cock can hold the whole fucking universe.
Liam Nesson’s cock is so big Isris Elba’s cock pays it protection money.
LNCISB, it has a book of selfies coming out.
LNCISB… it’s been known to scare wild animals away.
LNCISB, when Ken Watanabe saw it and Idris Elba’s cock in the same area, he said “Let them fight!”
The Russians are afraid to shoot it down
I am Groot!

LNCISB, Aerosmith and RUN DMC insisted that he fuck them so they could “Walk This Way”.

Charles B.
LNCISB, it sweats when it breathes.
Charles B.
LNCISB, it’s the one thing that impresses Shania Twain.
Charles B.
LNCISB, it’s why Woody Harrelson couldn’t jump.
Charles B.
LNCISB, Lurch got fucked by it so hard, that’s why he kept on moaning.
Charles B.