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Liam Neeson’s cock is so big, you have to take your cowboy hat before it, boy!
…it’s actually responsible for knocking out Shia LaBeouf’s front tooth.
Liam Neeson’s cock is so big, it had to be dug up by archaeologists when he went to the beach
LNCISB James Cameron sold 3d cameras and motion capture tecnology to help Zack & Miri make his porno
LNCISB Forrest Gump’s mother once said”Life is like Liam Neeson’s cock, you know its gonna hurt”
Chris bell, killam AB, Canada
Liam Neeson’s cock is so big, the Mythbusters comfirmed it.
Batman hasn’t got enough anti-cock spray in his utility belt to stop it
LNCISB, it’s the only thing that could’ve fucked Brazil any harder than Germany did.
Liam Nesson’s cock is so big, when Kevin Smith saw it, he took a teary-eyed selfie.
Liam Neeson’s cock is so big, it takes a plane, train, and two automobiles to get on its good side!
Liam Neeson’s cock is so big, It’s what the Brazilian soccer team choked on
Liam Neeson’s cock is so big, when he left from Ireland to America he only got half way before the Titanic sank.
Is so big that when George Lucas saw it he decide to come up with the special edition just so he could add it to the surlack pit..
If it wasn’t for his cock, king kong would still be alive.
Liam Neesons cock is so big….that in the future Captain James T Kirk discovered it fossilised in a cave and decided he would use it to whack one off over the alien guard…
Phalluc Kirk